Facebook Blocking Kate Middleton

Her name is Kate Middleton, but Kate is a bike fan in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., has nothing to do with future prospective princesses in UK being the center of world attention. Her name is just the same.

Female 32 years old, who works at a bike shop on Tuesday (04/26/2011) and then, disclose her name in common with Prince William's future wife has made her groggy. Kate Facebook account had been suspended after the social networking site that suspect she used a false name. She also regularly contacted reporters, who asked to speak with a British accent.
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She said, "I'm really not interested in pretending to be British. I'm not interested in pretending that I was Kate Middleton who else, so basically I reject all five requests to speak with a British accent."

She uses Twitter to express frustration because her Facebook account deleted. Kate writes, "Facebook disable my account because it was assessed using a false name. Will the real Kate Middleton show?"

She also knows that Facebook has removed the sign (UNTAG) her from all the photos of her that is on the social networking site. "One more proof that people are not recognized unless their royal family," he said.

Kate Middelton, who is from Louisville, Kentucky, it admits that although she did not have a relationship with a woman who witnessed the event the wedding tomorrow around 2 billion television viewers in the world, they have some similarities. "We both have brown hair," she said, smiling. "We both have eyes that interesting."

Kate Middleton from Boston was not the only woman who has been blocked on Facebook. The Daily Mail, Tuesday, reported, at least three other women, one Australian and two Britons, who named the same that have blocked her account.

A Facebook spokesman told the newspaper explained, the company does prohibit the user create a fake account. The company added that the number of errors so it was inevitable as they try to keep it safe social networking.

Kate Middleton, Prince William's future wife, will marry on Friday (04/29/2011) at Westminster Abbey, London. After the wedding, she will be known as Princess Catherine. New call may be an end to confusion.

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Franky Sahilatua Has Gone

The bad news coming from Indonesia legendary singer Frangky Sahilatua after long suffering from cancer,now Franky has gone
Franky's condition in Permata Hijau Hospital since 16th April was continued down. Perahu Retak singer has long suffered from cancer. even in July last year he was critical times.
In these critical times Franky Sahilatua immediately taken to Singapore for treatment at Singapore General Hospital. From there is known that he suffered from multiple myeoma

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Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World

Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World, If you will travel to Indonesia, we recommend you to the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is famous for reptiles in addition to the amount of natural beauty also has a very much
And this places you can visit :
1. Loh Liang:. Activities you can do among other observations the Komodo dragon, deer, wild boar, canoeing, etc..
2. Red Beach: a beautiful beach with shallow coral reefs charming.
3. Loh Sebita: a mangrove area
4. Loh Buaya: in this place you can observe wild animals
5. Bat Island: an island bats
6. Golo Code: From the top of this hill you can see a panorama and a landscape that is fantastic because the representation of various types of ecosystems can be seen from this place.
7. Molo Strait: Strait which has a heavy flow like river water flowing at high tide.
That places on the island of Komodo that can relieve your stress
how would you be interested?

Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World

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