Irma Nici,David Beckham's affair

Irma Nici, sex worker who claim to be David Beckham's affair
foto bugil irma nici,irma nici telanjang

Irma Nici suddenly famous in this week. After she claimed that has become David Beckham's affair
Irma Nici who actually is it? Irma Nici is
bloody Bosnian. She was born with the name Irma Nezirovic and has a younger brother.
In little time, her family lived on easy street. Because her father works in military and her mother is psychiatrist.
Irma's life become sorrow when Yugoslavia broke out. Irma and her family settled in refugee camps and eventually settled in Netherland after receiving asylum from land of windmills
Because that's tough life, Irma decided to jump in to black world by becoming a prostitute

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anggar berkawand said...

sayang banget ya...
cantik2 jadi pelacur...!!!


om rame said...

kaLau enggak saLah, ini saLah satu pekerja seks dengan tarif yang super tinggi, sesuai dengan keLas para peminatnya.

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