Nude Restaurant in Malaysia

Nude Restaurant in Malaysia
pelayan restoran bugil
Believe it or not? There is a nude restaurant in the capital city of Malaysia in Bangsar that offers girls playing naked in a swimming pool adjacent to the dining table. In these restaurants also offer sexual pleasure to the visitors the restaurant.

pelayan bugil
This nude restaurant is in operation for more than a year ago to focus on men, lady-killer in the city. The servers at the restaurant was only wearing a bikini and be willing to release her bikini if requested. Abstract One of the visitors that snap photos of this said, "This restaurant is like heaven"
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6 comments to “Nude Restaurant in Malaysia”


om rame said...

wow ada hiburan yang tidak biasanya di tengah2 restaurant.

Tip Trik Blogger said...

wow gambarnya mantap...

genial said...

anglenya kurang banyak kang :) huehehehe...

mobil keluarga ideal terbaik indonesia said...

@om rame : bener om
@tip trik blogger : huum pak
@genial : lagi pada mudik pak

Anonymous said...

The topic is quiet good. thank for the share. GOD BLESS!!!

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